Building confidence in others and helping them realize a bigger, brighter future.

About the Speaker

Deb Conklin

Deb Conklin is the CEO of Reddy Ice, the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice in the United States. She is passionate about continuous improvement and lean fundamentals and attributes them as a key to success for her company. Deb is an industrial engineer.

3-Bullet Summary:

  • You can be the smartest person or have the best strategy, but it’s not enough if you can’t inspire people.

  • If you’re too focused on being right and being smarter than everybody else, you’ve already failed.
  • You earn people’s trust by inspiring them.

Podcast Quotables:

“If people don’t believe, you can’t influence the outcome.”

“You earn trust by having people believe in your mission and inspiring them.”

“When you’re not trusted or you’re not believed in, it doesn’t matter how great your plan is.”



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