Treasure those around you to foster trust, growth and joy. Develop personal attachments and strengthen bond for personal and professional fulfillment.

About the Speaker

Engineering Leader Nat Natarajan

Nat Natarajan

Nat Natarajan is EVP and Chief Product and Technology Officer for, the World’s largest online family history resource. He strongly believes that love has a meaningful context in the leadership arena. Nat is an industrial engineer.

3-Bullet Summary:

  • The only thing that will get you through leadership challenges is love for people and passion for your craft.

  • To be a manager and a leader you need to think about others.

  • Passion and love are synonymous.

Podcast Quotables:

“The job for a leader is to bend a curve. Bend the curve into a future that is uncertain and different from what it was before.”

“In my career, I found that if I have an attitude or perspective of love towards an individual, towards a human being, towards the team, I’m able to get to a better outcome.”

“Ultimately, the joy that I get from helping people is what keeps me in leadership.”



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