Believing in yourself and those around you creates an environment where success flourishes.

About the Speaker

Engineering Leader Carl Schlachte

Carl Schlachte is the Chairman, President and CEO of Ventiva, a privately held company that designs and develops active thermal management technologies. His leadership in corporate turnarounds, acquisitions, IPOs and building successful companies has made him a national go to for media, analysts and industry leaders.

Carl is an internationally recognized business leader with deep experience transforming high technology companies. As a member of the Board or as chief executive officer, Carl has consistently leveraged his significant strategic, leadership and business development abilities while adhering to the highest ethical standards throughout his thirty-year career. He brings deep insights into the consumer electronics, semiconductor and IP industries, which includes keen knowledge of technology and business trends as well as competitive and market strategies. Carl’s accomplishments include corporate turnarounds, acquisitions, IPOs, mid- and late-stage fundraising, rebranding and repositioning, and building, leading and growing strong management teams.

Carl resides in the Bay Area with his family, and is active in a range of philanthropic, charitable and volunteer activities.  Carl has his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Clemson University.

3-Bullet Summary:

  • Team’s perform best when there’s trust.

  • Confidence and trust are not synonymous.

  • You don’t need to work overtime to prove your company is doing something amazing.


Podcast Quotables:

“I always felt like I was performing best when I was getting the opportunity to know, connect, put context around people that I was working with and for.”

“There is pressure in a high tech company to get a very immediate flashy result.”

“I think a lot of people have translated the words ‘confidence’ and ‘trust’ as virtually synonymous, and they’re actually not.”



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