Stand firm on core principles and project unwavering commitment to the larger goal.

About the Speaker

Engineering Leader Brent Beason

Brent Beason

Brent Beason is CEO and President of B&W Fiber Glass, a global producer of advanced solutions focused on high performance textiles and textile components. He is passionate about having engineers who ‘know how to dream.” Brent is a mechanical engineer.

3-Bullet Summary:

  • Empathetic communication with your employees is the best way to build strong teams that are driven to achieve more.

  • As a leader, it’s incredibly important to measure and mark your words very carefully. You shouldn’t give in to emotions.
  • When you are passionate about what you do, it draws the world’s attention.

Podcast Quotables

“I think that the number one aspect of a leader is your ability to be mentally tough, no matter what the situation is, no matter what you’re facing.”

“My number one joy in life is to see someone work their way up from the shop floor to our front offices…I truly believe that’s my greatest legacy.”

“No matter the difficult situation you must consider a favorable outcome for all the stakeholders.”



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