Engineering Leadership Framework


Lead With Heart

These are matters of character, behavior and disposition. While these fundamentals are immutable, we should recognize that they can also be aspirational at times. Meaning that even the most optimistic among us have their dark days, the most humble will have moments of overly self-centered pride, the most loving may also find hate at some point in their life. We are all fallible and imperfect.

We must, of course, recognize these imperfections and be willing to first forgive ourselves and then the leaders around us for these transgressions. Make no mistake we require an “A” on these fundamentals but even scoring that high means you may still miss the mark 10% of the time.

Accepting those faults is where humility and love come into play. You need humility to honestly accept and readily recognize that you will fall down at times. You need love because you cannot have love without forgiveness, and you must give and accept both love and forgiveness if you are going to lead.

5 Constants Support This Leadership Quality

Explore below to learn how top engineering executives use them in their role and how you can develop your own leadership skills.