Our thanks to Paul and the team at IDEAS Magazine for the Building Leaders of the Future article and discussion about Engineering Leadership.IDEAS MAGAZINE

“Great leaders are built, not born. That’s the central message behind Engineering Leadership, a nonprofit that Clemson University alumnus Doug Haugh has developed to demystify leadership and help create engineering leaders of the future.

Haugh knows something about the topic. He has built an influential career in the energy and technology industries and has held several leadership positions along the way since receiving his Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Clemson University.

“Engineering Leadership has a double meaning,” Haugh said. “It’s leadership from engineers, but it’s also believing leadership can be engineered. It can be broken down into its constituent parts, just like we’re trained to do in engineering.”

The nonprofit is thoroughly infused with Clemson orange. A podcast hosted by Haugh features interviews with 17 C-suite executives, all alumni of Clemson’s College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. Haugh has also recorded a video interview with the college’s dean, Anand Gramopadhye.”

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